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My first real song, describing my delightful mother! (3/21/15)
Another song about my dear mother.  She likes New Orleans Zydeco music, so I tried to get that feel with my accordion.  Her 92nd birthday is coming up on July 28th.  (4/5/20)
Mika’s Song
Three-year-old granddaughter Mika learned all the words of “Amazing Grace” as her father sang it at bedtime. (Her version says “Amazing Grapes!”) Since her sister had a song about her name, I decided to write one for Mika. Her name in Japanese means “beautiful song,” and her middle name means “light.” The song includes those ideas, plus scripture from Zephaniah 3:17. (7/16)

Two Eagles
A neighbor challenged me to put some of his poetry to music.  This one is about Alvin’s marriage to his lovely wife Josie. (10/2/16)

Waffle House Rock
In honor of daughter Elaine–a faithful Waffle House employee and loyal family member.  (12/12/16)

Melody’s Song
While sitting on the couch strumming guitar with my 5-year-old granddaughter, she came up with the words of this chorus.  I added more to it later–and had a song written by Mellie and me! (3/24/17)

Mama Said
“Truth”– spoken by a wise mother. (4/6/17)

Baby Sister Lynn
She’s so FUN! (7/27/17)

No I Not!
This little tune came from grandson Ben’s toddler years, when he often gave that “No I Not” response!  It became a family slogan that we recall fondly and use often.  It was fun recording Ben’s young cousin Mika as the toddler voice.(8/27/20)  (SEE VIDEO)

Uncle Larry
A humorous take on a true story that a friend told me.  Many of us can probably relate to this family.
Tribute To Photographers
This was inspired by the wonderful photographs my sister shares with us.  It honors the photographers among us – who capture beauty and preserve our memories in pictures. (3/28/20) (SEE VIDEO)
Sleigh Bells In Heaven
In loving memory of Mary Beth: This song describes a phone call to her older sister… though the conversation is mostly fictional.  It’s about Mary Beth’s neat idea for her “prom party”. 9/15/18
Patty’s Pad
In gratitude to Larry and Patty Lilly who generously house and feed us on our visits to Columbus. 4/16/19 – (SEE VIDEO)

All songs recorded by Tommy Marsh at

Sound Ideal Studios 

© 2018 Judy Diane Demers | All Rights Reserved

New Arrivals:

Everything I Own

About my recent moving adventure…

Tommy Joe

about a friend whose wife died.

Gifts From God:

Covering Me
When old habits hold us back, when we struggle with guilt and past failures, this song expresses hope and freedom through God’s grace.(6/4/20)   (SEE VIDEO)
Prayer Tree
When my sister showed me photos of a Prayer Tree she saw while sightseeing in N. Carolina, I was struck by the idea, and couldn’t forget it.  Thank you, Lynn, for the inspiration and photos. 8/4/20 (SEE VIDEO)
Psalm 93
Verse 1 was written at a spiritual retreat when we sat under shade trees and composed a poem.  Months later I opened my Bible to search for inspiration to continue, and it fell open to Psalm 93 – which amazingly contains some of the same ideas of my song.  I felt that God wanted me to continue – and I soon finished the song.  (2/1/16)

Near To The Heart Of Jesus
My arrangement of two favorite hymns.  (4/10/16)

Ladies In Blue
A message to women in prison.  Also in appreciation for the work of Kairos Ministries.  11/12/18

Dedicated to granddaughter Ravan, who grieves the absence of her parents as she grows up in the care of her grandmother.  Our Father God is always with us.  (6/6/17)

Inspired by a radio sermon I heard, by a pastor who wrote a book called “Unstuck”. (1/22/19)   (SEE VIDEO)


Power Of One
Inspired by a sermon from Pastor Cornelius Atkinson at the Church of God retreat at the Billy Graham Training Center in Asheville, NC   (12/2/19)

Inspired By Alvin:

Live And Grow
My Tai Chi instructor says, “One step at a time brings you back tomorrow.”  It was fun composing the song with friend and fellow tribe member Alvin!  (5/31/17)

Long Time
From a poem written by friend Alvin Bartz.   (9/16/16)

Two Eagles
A neighbor challenged me to put some of his poetry to music.  This one is about Alvin’s marriage to his lovely wife Josie. (10/2/16)

Why Can’t We Get Along
Lyrics by Alvin Bartz, Music by Judy Demers, Vocals by Kat Richards  (3/19/17)

Recorded by Tom Marsh at Sound Ideal Studios

Cage Free:

Day 19
Written after talking to our granddaughter on her 6th birthday – no celebration with friends, playgrounds closed, etc.  It spoke to me. (4/4/20)    (See VIDEO)
Get What You Want
Based on wisdom from the book “Power of Positive Thinking” (SEE VIDEO)
Whitecaps On The Water
Commentary on the current social and political scene.
The Last Thing I Expected 
A phone call from my son prompted this song – about a boy’s relationship with his stepfather.  It should be sung by his stepfather – please excuse my vocals! (1/13/18) (SEE VIDEO)

Tsunami (6/25/17)  In a magazine article the author described his mother as an “emotional Tsunami”.  I latched on to that idea.

“Copacetic”.  In tribute to courageous daughter Elizabeth – who endured and prevailed thru serious illness and extreme difficulties, while single-parenting her young son.  You are deserving of praise, dear one!   (SEE VIDEO)

Some ideas from a poem by Alvin Bartz.  Others come from advising a granddaughter to use her time wisely. 9/17/18.

Never Too Late
A song of reconciliation.  9/29/18 Oregon – Judy Demers

Moving Day
Written by Maga and Melody – while keeping my little granddaughters busy during the move, I picked up Melody’s uke, and we sat on the floor and made up a song about what was happening.   (5/25/19)  (SEE VIDEO)

BackHoe Blues
Written in Alabama, while we were escaping a hurricane.  One day I noticed a man sitting on an upside-down bucket by the road. Made up a song just for fun.  Got my brother-in-law to star in the VIDEO.

Featuring photos from our 38 day cruise in the South Pacific Ocean.  A truly splendid getaway!  (1/16/20) ( SEE VIDEO) 

Recorded /produced by Joe Mac at Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio

Shades of Love:

Young Love

Written for my son’s wedding

Marry The Girl

Also written for my son’s wedding

(Dedicated to my husband) I happened to use “smitten”in a conversation, and my friend commented that it was an unusual word. “Yeah – it could be in a song” I said.  A few days later while trying to fall asleep, I tried to remember the strange word – and a song came with it! (1/14/17)

You I Crave
You I Crave (1/14/18)  To my Husband!

You By My Side
“You By My Side”. Dedicated to Elizabeth & Jim on their wedding day.  For all that you’ve already meant to each other, and for the future God is giving you together – We celebrate! (SEE VIDEO)

Broken Hearted and Discarded
This began in a songwriting class where we were instructed to write about a famous person. Having just seen a documentary on the anniversary of the death of Princess Diana – that’s what came to mind.  9/4/17 (Photos from Barb Sarratt) (SEE VIDEO)

Around The Sun
Thoughts about my marriage and life with Don. 1/5/19

30 Happy Years
Celebrating Judy and Don’s 30th Wedding Anniversary.  Written by Judy, vocals by Carol Mitchell.  (11/11/2019)

Empty Glass
During Don’s hospitalization for knee surgery I left his water glass on the table the whole time – somehow a comforting symbol of his presence. 10/16/18 (SEE VIDEO.)

Florida Specials:

Florida Christmas
Celebrating our first delightful Christmas in Florida.  (12/18/16)  (SEE VIDEO)

Hurricane Rain
Watching endless coverage of Hurricane Michael during my husband’s hospitalization, I was caught up in the drama and “had” to do a song. (10/10/18)  Vocals by Carol Mitchell. (SEE VIDEO)

Recorded by Tom Marsh at Sound Ideal Studios

Commemorating our day in lovely Sarasota, Florida. (10/22/19)

After attending a music jam with cousin Eunice, she commented, “You should write a song about Madeira.”  But I wondered what could possibly rhyme with “Madeira”?!  Couldn’t resist the challenge;  wrote the song the next day. Written by Judy, vocals by Carol Mitchell.  (4/18/19)  (SEE VIDEO)

Hey Mack,
A humorous song written during a pool tournament here in Village Green.  Video features Kat Richardson, Alvin Bartz, Joanne Champagne, and Donald Demers. Vocal by Joe Mac. (SEE VIDEO)

Recorded /produced by Joe Mac at Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio


Village Green Stomp
Line dance instructor Phil commented that it would be fun to have a special dance for our class.  So I wrote a song for it.   (4/14/2018) (SEE VIDEO)

Don’t Hang Up Your Fiddle
Written the day after Mom played in the Village Green Gospel Jamboree.  You GO, Mom – Don’t Stop.   (11/7/18) (SEE VIDEO)

Songwriting Blues
Song Gail Lang wrote about Judy.

Recorded /produced by Joe Mac at Ace Guitar and Vocal Music Studio